Sunday, August 31, 2008

my ass spends
a lot of time here

heart-shaped friend

standing there
an invitation

to know self


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good ones! :)

Janet said...

T'anq U.

Borut said...


If you don't know the Way, do the reverese of that which your ass* wants (a Sufi saying).


Janet said...

You make me laugh so good, Borut. Have I told how glad I am you come to visit?
My teacher is a Sufi so it tickles me to hear your spinning wisdom:-)

Borut said...

That's the end of me!:) And of my punning wisdom! The servant of a Sufi student, that's what I would like to be!?:) At your service, Janet!:)

Migrating servant,
I am the first among them,
(Even though) a crow!*

In this market place of
The occult medicine-sellers;
Do not run hither and thither
To every shop:
But rather sit at the boot
Of one who has the real remedy to give!**

*Paraphrasing freely one of Issa's haiku translated by David. G Lanoue (;
Referring to my dabbling with shamanic lore of Amerindians, Sufism and much else.
**Rumi translated by Idries Shah.

Janet said...

that Rumi piece really hits the spot. I like it.

Borut said...

Oops: booth (not boot)!:)