Wednesday, June 11, 2008

somewhere there's music

she sits on the bench
bouncing up and down in time
watch his fingers fly

play it fast daddy
is the moon really that high?
another one please

I remember this girl
and I remember her dad
they love each other


Anonymous said...

daddy is the moon really that high?

blessings, janet...and he that loved her.

Janet said...

Thanks Kathy.

I credit my dad for teaching me to love music, and jazz, in particular. He was a very accomplished pianist and I remember how sad I was the day Alzheimer's had finally robbed him of being able to play. That was when I wrote this haiku...

FastDart said...
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FastDart said...

Janet, I just saw this on your FB page. Heartfelt Haiku when I first read it.

I'm so sorry for your loss and feel strange to have just now noticed.

Janet said...

Thanks Lars. The times they are a-changing, eh?